We are a software company in Digital Marketing and Sales that acts in the generation and management of leads.
We combine people's power of action with our technology expertise to build efficient results and personalized connections.
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About Us

About Us

A company specialized in software intelligence that developed a tool able to power up the results of your sales team getting your company closer of your potential customer through digital environment.
We are specialized in corporate management and we are highly skilled in software development.

Tronar: an indispensable tool for digital marketing

With Tronar you can capture and manage Inbound and Outbound Marketing Leads, such as Leads from ebooks, videos, infographics, email marketing, SEO optimization, blogs, social networks, landpages, marketing automation, flyers, billboards, telemarketing, advertisements on TV, radio or magazine, adwords, active prospecting, and so on.
In short, Tronar is the ideal tool for you to handle the whole life cycle of your Leads, since the capture of the input until the effective sale of your product.
Come to Tronar and leverage your sales in a digital world!

Inovative Design

Pages and images well planned to show the best results. In a very practical way, change modify your page instantly anytime anywhere.


Our minds work free to always search the simplest and efficient way to achieve the best results with your touch.


You're not alone, Tronar will be your partner at any moment.

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Understand our mission and goals, and how we make a difference in our customers' business results. We apply our expertise and experience to drive efficient performance and high performance, increase the range of performance assertively and enhance results.

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